About Us

We are a group of students at the Georgia Institute of Technology, enrolled in an English 1102 course with the subject of science writing for children. When it came to choosing a topic for our exhibition, we were quick to pick geography, since in our group alone we have backgrounds from Russia, Singapore, South Africa, and India. We believe geography is an essential piece of knowledge in today’s world, and by exploring how it was taught in the past, we can gain valuable insights.

Evan is a first-year Business Administration major at Tech and plays on the NCAA Division 1 basketball team. He is hoping to become a professional basketball player after graduating. He was involved in researching the general trends in written works during the 19th Century. He is interested in cars, sports, and food.

Rohit Is a first-year student at Tech that will be majoring in Computer Science. His career goals include entering the computational biology and computational finance workforce. He was mainly involved with research and is the person behind the textbook exhibit. Rohit has interest in computers, ultimate-frisbee, and tennis.

Maxim is in his first year in studying Computer Science at tech as well. Some of his career plans include working in fields of industry, artificial intelligence, and aerospace. Maxim was an author, editor, and researcher in the Omeka Exhibit. He constructed the Q&A exhibit in Omeka. Some of his interest include computers, aviation, technology, and robotics.

Zong-rui is a first-year Mechanical Engineering major at Tech and is interested in working in either the automotive or aerospace industry after graduating. He was involved in researching The Boy Travelers series written by Thomas W. Knox, and wrote up the exhibit on it. His interests are in cars, planes (basically anything that moves), and enjoys playing golf.